Air Fryer Steak (Tender, Juicy, 20 Minute Recipe):

air fryer steak

Air Fryer steak Brief Introduction:

Air Fryer Steak is a quick and easy way to cook a steak that you won’t believe how tender and juicy it is.

This is a great option if you don’t have a grill, if it’s too hot to the grill, or want an easier option. Just about anything you can grill will be in the air fryer: burgers, pork chops, kebabs, chicken breasts, and more!

 Admonishment of steak:

Air fryers can vary in strength, and steaks definitely vary in size. So

(1) see recipe notes for suggested cooking times and

(2) use common sense, adapt accordingly. Cooking is always easy to cook a few points.

Juicy morsels of steak in the air fryer

You want your steak to turn out perfect every time; with this Juicy Bites of Steak from the Air Fryer recipe you won’t be disappointed!

The salt and soy sauce lend a hand to tenderize as the air fryer works its magic in churning out a nice, protein-rich caramelized cut of juicy sirloin. These juicy steak bites are the bomb when paired with rice, noodles, a stir-fry or even skewers.

Use them in their simplest form and serve them with mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and a baked broccoli or roasted asparagus garnish to go with this steak bite-sized recipe.

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