Wait Take A Look! A reliable BEST BIRYANI RECIPE or Chicken Biryani recipe with simple steps-to-follow guidelines (no curveballs!) and delicious, traditional Pakistani and Indian taste. This BEST BIRYANI RECIPE contains guidelines on how to acquire fluffy and soft rice, juicy chicken, and the different biryani taste. Flavor to perfection!


What is Biryani? And why do people like it very much?

Biryani is a difficult dish of rice. This is prepared with layers of fluffy rice and curried meat. Additionally, it has a tasty flavor and aroma coupled with luxurious garnishing. Therefore, it is no wonder that biryani has origins in Persian cuisine

Basically, it is your preferred vegetable or chicken curry covered up under a heap of precisely spiced fluffy rice. Interestingly, it is all cooked in 1 container. The rice is boiled on very slow heat. Therefore, it absorbs the essence and taste of the curry. As a result, it is undoubtedly loved by each curry-loving person.

There are two main techniques for preparing biryani:



In this technique of BEST BIRYANI RECIPE, the meat and rice are boiled and then cooked together.


In this technique of BEST BIRYANI RECIPE, the meat and rice are cooked separately and steamed together.

Types of chicken biryani recipe:

Cooked Biryani is the most popular in Pakistan. It is coupled with various distinct types including Karachi-style, Sindhi, and Bombay biryani. Most importantly, this recipe is a mash-up of various flavors, and it is comparable to what you would find in an Indian or Pakistani restaurant or at any festival as well as at a dinner party.


Moreover, for this best biryani recipe, I have purposefully picked the ingredients and their amounts to provide this biryani with a solid base. All things considered, this technique can take a lot of replacements and transformations and still be incredible.

Ghee/ Oil: Here, we can use ghee for better flavor and oil to add fluidness in the texture of what we are making; biryani.

Onions: There are two ways for peeling onions. That is either you can slice them thinly using a cutting board with a sharp knife (also known as a traditional way to cut them) or chop them finely. If you are going to use a food processor for this purpose, you can blend to chop. so that it does not mix into a paste.

Boneless, large, skinless chicken: Moreover, for this BEST BIRYANI RECIPE I purchase pre-cut quantities of an entire chicken, but bone-in chicken thighs also work. You can use more boneless chicken according to your need, while this may yield a smaller cooking time.

Whole Spices: A plentiful amount of whole spices is a distinctive feature of biryani. We can also say that spices a major role in biryani. As you are to discard most of the spices, while you eat. Some people find it irritating to separate the spices. In any case, you don’t want to bite them, feel free to put them in a bag of muslin.

Garlic + Ginger: I have given their measure in full form and in spoons. I usually use the chopper or grinding machine to chop them.

Tomatoes: Next, best biryani recipe has loads of strong ingredients such as yogurt, dried plums (Alu Bukhara), and lemon, I noted that keeping the tomatoes to the smallest amount gives it just the right quantity of flavor.

Yogurt:  Yogurt is very useful when it comes to chicken or meat. For example, we can use it to marinate chicken for BBQ in order to make it more delicious and juicy. Similarly, when it comes to biryani, we can add yogurt to make the chicken tender and tasty. For a better choice, try adding coconut milk. Rice: I usually prefer using old, lengthy basmati rice for this best biryani recipe which you can get from some department stores, any Indian/Pakistani area suppliers, or accessible online stores.

Dried plums (most commonly known as Alu Bukhara): I love to add this ingredient to add more flavor. Moreover, it has a very important place in scientific research as it can be used as a curing agent for the treatment of many diseases. Alu Bukhara is frequently used in biryani to present a delicious and sour flavor. They are generally accessible at South Asian departmental suppliers. However, if you are not interested in adding this, you can add prunes or totally skip this part.


I usually come up with the easiest recipe as I have found myself to be the laziest person when it comes to doing anything. However, it is also a fact that I am a dye hard cooking fan.

That is why I enjoy most of the time thinking about cooking and reading about stuff related to it and also enjoy cooking dishes. Coming to the point, I have skipped almost those steps that, in any way, bring no flavor to the making of biryani.

While cooking biryani; especially the cooked biryani. It takes time to make this best biryani recipe although most of the time is required by the main ingredients to be cooked.

But not to worry, because the end result is going to be worth it when you have your first bite. Even though your first attempt turns not that perfect it will be still delicious and worthy to eat.

The making of Best Biryani Recipe can be divided into three parts:

Phase 1: Prepare the chicken curry:

Prepare the biryani masala or get it as ready-made (you can get it from the superstore) and marinate the chicken.

Prepare the chicken curry . However, it is preparing above stumpy temperature, between that time cook the rice.

Phase 2: Parboil the rice:

Get a container of water to parboil the rice. Sewer and fixed sidewise.

Phase 3: Get it all organized for an absolute condensation:

Place half of the parboiled rice in a container, then layer all the chicken curry, then place next half remaining rice in the container.

Then, set the flame at a really low pace in order to make the mixture set and flavors melt. Steam the rice for the next 15-30 minutes.

Biryani masala (how to make it at home):

In order to make the best chicken biryani, we all know that it is heavy on spices whether it’s an Indian or Pakistani chicken biryani recipe.

This is because spices play a vital role in the chicken biryani recipe. For this purpose, we usually used already prepared biryani masala or simply use the assemblage of different spices at home to give it a unique taste.

For the best results, I prefer using the biryani masala recipe given as follows. Additionally, I have tried it with Bombay biryani masala and the results turn out to be great and worthy to eat.

Ingredients need for biryani masala in order to make a biryani dish:

To make biryani masala at home, you will need a maximum of 2 tablespoons of every ingredient stated below in the blender. Blend the following ingredients until the smooth paste is formed.

Dried round chili flakes                 2

Cloves( also known as laung)             4 to 5

Dried bay leaf (tez paat)                      1, medium-sized

Mace ( javitri)                       1, small

Black, large cardamom (bari elaichi)   1

Cinnamon stick (darchini)                    1 to 2

Black or roasted cumin seeds              1 tea spoon

Star-shaped anise (baadiyaan)              1

Green cardamom pods (sabz elaichi)    3-4

Black round pepper                              ½ tea spoon

Fennel seeds (saunf)                            ¼ tea spoon

Carom seeds are also known as ajwain         ¼ tea spoon

   One thing to remember:

             These are spices needed for biryani masala. With help of this masala, surely you will be able to make the best biryani recipe.  Don’t worry if you are missing any one of these. You can skip one of these if you are in shortage as it won’t make your chicken biryani less tasty.

Important notes for making the chicken tender and juicy:

In order to make chicken for biryani more tender and delicious, three techniques can be used:

  • Chicken marinating is one of the important steps to make chicken juicy and flavorful. You can marinate chicken for one night in the refrigerator ideally or two to three hours before making biryani. But it does not affect the taste of biryani if you just marinate it before making chicken biryani.
  • Staying the chicken at room temperature before making it allows the chicken to be tender and easy to make.

After a little sautéing the chicken is in almond-colored fried onions and hot oil. Add some amount of water and let the chicken take its time by keeping the flame at a low level and covering it with a lid covered.

The right method to parboil the rice:

It is quite technical how to make the rice parboiled. It depends on a number of factors like which kind of rice you are using, how long you have dipped rice into water, etc.

Talking about the type of rice, I usually use long, aged basmati rice and keep it in water for half an hour minimum. It usually takes 5 minutes for them to parboil. But if you are using new basmati rice which is usually available at almost every American department store or grocery store, it will take 4 minutes for them to parboil.

Here’s a guide to check:

Here is a complete guide on how to check the rice; at approximately 3 minutes the rice will have still a raw center.

In 4 minutes, the rice will have a soft center and the sides are a bit tough. At about 5 to 5,30 seconds, the rice is perfect to lay down as they become fluffy.

When the time is about 6 minutes, the rice will be pressed easily once slightly touched. This indicates that the rice is over-cooked. It will indicate that rice is more likely to break during the layering stage.

Important note:

You can add salt and dried curry leaves in the rice water to give a slight taste to the rice. After the rice is perfectly cooked, drain the water from the rice and keep the parboiled rice at room temperature. Also, if the rice is uncooked or over-cooked, it would not make your chicken biryani less tasty!

If the rice is over-cooked, lay the rice in a tray and separate them. Also, the time for the ‘DUM’ stage should be short to avoid breakage.

If the rice is undercooked, sprinkle a small amount of water during the steam. And the DUM stage should be longer so that the rice will get fluffy and smooth with the chicken curry.

The right amount of rice ratio chicken:

Quantity of ChickenQuantity of Rice neededPeople served with the given quantity
2 ½ pound (1130 gram)3 ½ mugs (700 gram)10 to 12
2.2 pounds (1 kilogram – 1000gram)3 mugs8 to 10
1 ½ pound (680 gram)2 ¼ mugs6 to 8
1 ¼ pound (587 gram)1 ¾ mug (350 gram)4 to 6
1 pound (454 gram)1 ½ mug4

If you want more rice than chicken then add ¼ cup of rice to the table given above. And enjoy!

The essential tips to get the right flavor in the chicken biryani:

If you want your biryani right flavored and want to enjoy the spice or taste of chicken biryani you should keep your spices intense regarding the normal ratio to make curry. This is for making the biryani spicy. Otherwise, if you keep the spices normal then the biryani will get the taste of boiled rice like khichri.

The second tip is that you should keep your curry wet or more so that each rice will get the taste of the chicken curry.

Lastly, the steamed step is the mixing of spices with rice. So we can say that the dum stage is the essential step.

How to layer the chicken biryani:

For this, you will need a pot volume enough to keep the layering. In other words, it should be large enough; not too large or too short. Just use the right pot depending upon the quantities of chicken curry and rice.

For layering first, you will need the oil. Oil is for oiling the bottom of the pot so that after dum, rice will not stick to the pot.

First, you layer the rice half to the total amount, after that sprinkle some green chili, slices of lemon, crushed fried onion, and some fresh mint leaves. Then, put the chicken curry and layer the second half, the remaining amount of rice. Top them with the same essentials given above. After giving them dum for 15 minutes, your chicken biryani is ready to be served!

I really assure you that you will like bawarchi biryani the recipe of which is given in the above scenario as well as the method of biryani cooking. I hope you will like the recipe of biryani or biryani dish which I shared with you in this article.

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